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Why is Safety Training Important?

Safety training is the key element in the prevention of work-related injuries, illnesses and death. When properly trained on safety procedures, employees will understand the importance of workplace safety, know how prevent an incident in the workplace by following workplace safety procedures, and will also learn how to respond quickly if presented with a dangerous situation.

Educating employees on workplace safety rules gives them a sense of safety and security while performing daily tasks, which can lead to increased productivity. Another benefit of safety training is a reduction in accident and incident rates, which reflects favorably on an organization. Safety training is also important because it provides a way for companies to document proof that such training has occurred, protecting it from potential lawsuits involving injuries.

With over 900 topics and 350 online courses, Training Network has the material to meet your safety training requirements. Whether you utilize DVD based training, a streaming video library, or a SCORM compliant LMS, Training Network is your best source for safety and HR training materials.