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Motivate Or Terminate

In this informative audio conference, you will learn how to utilize specific tools to motivate the marginal employee or, to prepare the paper trail for a bullet-proof termination that can withstand claims of discrimination, disparate treatment and harassment.

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Pregnancy Discrimination: Top Employment Actions That Could Land You In Legal Hot Water and How To Avoid Them 5/30/2017
DLSE-Compliant Meal And Rest Breaks: Calculations, Prohibition On Waivers, And Ensure That Off-The-Clock Is Really Off-Duty 5/30/2017
Workplace Investigations: Your Step-by-Step Guide From Complaint To Closure 5/31/2017
Payroll Tax Penalties: How To Avoid, Reduce, And Mitigate Costly Compliance Mistakes 5/31/2017

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