Fire Extinguishers - Ready to Respond

15 min, 2007, CLMI
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  • Kit$499.95
SKU: 2328
With more than 150 fires occurring every day at work, proper fire extinguisher use is a much needed skill. This great video teaches your employees about the causes of fires, what fuels them and what is needed to extinguish them. This is both cost-saving and potentially lifesaving knowledge to possess.
Topics covered also include:
  • This outstanding production covers:
  • Causes and five classes of a fire extinguisher, including Class K
  • Fire prevention methods
  • Types of fire extinguishers and inspection
  • When not to fight a fire
Kit Includes:
employee handbooks, extinguisher selection worksheet, inspection form, training script & record, federal regulation, written program development, MS Word software templates for written program, recordkeeping, PowerPoint presentation
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