Lockout-Tagout Update

21 min, 2017, Marcom
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  • Kit$349.95
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OSHA's Lock-Out/Tag-Out Standard 29 CFR 1910.147 aims to prevent injury by requiring employers to implement specific policies and standard operating procedures for employees who are servicing powered equipment. This video trains employees to know the types of problems they can encounter when working with lockout/tagout situations, and how they can prevent these problems from occurring.
Topics covered also include:
  • What is lockout/tagout?
  • Lockout/tagout devices and procedures
  • Dissipating stored energy
  • Specific situations
  • Release procedures
  • Working with electrical systems
  • Working with hydraulic and pneumatic systems
Kit Includes:
leader’s guide, (30) employee handbooks, (5) posters, reproducible scheduling & attendance form, quiz, training certificate, log.
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