Getting Cooperation - Team Building That Works

17 min, 2013, Training Network
  • DVD$249.95
SKU: 2598
Teamwork suffers, and can often fail, when team members make communication blunders that hurt productivity. This video looks at the major causes of teamwork failure and ways to overcome them. It also teaches team members to work together-despite individual differences-to build a cooperative, productive environment.
Topics covered also include:
  • What "Sloppy Signalers" can do to make their body language match their message
  • Ways to get "Public Pets" to avoid embarrassing teammates in front of others
  • Steps to help "Bellyaching Blamers" promote cooperation-not kill it
  • How to get "Cutoff Culprits" to listen to other team members
  • Ways for "anxious Apologists" to speak confidently to get results every time
  • How "Gloomy Grouches" can learn to disagree without being disagreeable
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