Welding Safety

17 min, 2017, Marcom
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  • Kit$349.95
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More than half a million U.S. workers in various industries perform welding, cutting, brazing, and soldering work as part of their jobs every day. Over 50 deaths per year are due to these activities. Thousands more are injured. Workplaces are often damaged by fires and explosions as well. This training video discusses the hazards that are associated with welding and cutting tasks, and explains the equipment and safe practices employees can use to avoid accidents.
Topics covered also include:
  • The potential hazards of welding
  • Designated areas, work permits, and confined spaces
  • Preventing fires while welding
  • Protecting against toxic fumes
  • Goggles, helmets, and hand shields
  • Gloves, clothing, and other protective equipment
  • And more!
Kit Includes:
leader’s guide, (30) employee handbooks, (5) posters, reproducible scheduling & attendance form, quiz, training certificate, log.
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