15 min, 2016, ERI Safety Videos
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Crystalline silica is a naturally occurring substance used in a wide variety of industries and construction operations such as cement production, sandblasting operations, the production of glass and ceramics and as a filter for water and sewage treatment. It is also a common additive in food, pharmaceutical applications, and fiber optic cables. While silica has many valuable uses, it can also present a danger when workers are exposed to excessive amounts of crystalline silica dust. Each year there are hundreds of deaths and thousands of illnesses attributed to harmful exposures to silica dust. To prevent these types of harmful exposures, OSHA has developed regulations for general industry, maritime operations and the construction industry. This training program discusses some key requirements from these regulations as well as some safe work practices that employees can follow to protect themselves from harmful exposure to crystalline silica.
Topics covered also include:
  • How exposure to crystalline silica affects the human body
  • What requirements must be implemented by organizations under the OSHA silica standards
  • What engineering controls and work practice controls are used to limit exposure
  • Which types of respiratory protection provide protection from silica dust
  • What information can be found in Table 1 of the construction standard
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